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Sorry if you came here to have a look at 32V8 WebTool. We're just doing a big restructure of the page in order to have it easier to understand. All the information is still available, some of it may be repeated or out of order at the moment though.  

This is being updated, as we speak, so to speak.  

Free WordPress Website Testing Tool 

The 32V8 WebTool takes you to a range of online testing tools based on a website URL. If you have a WordPress Website with a sitemap, then you can use this. 

Using this system, you can quickly check your website's posts on Google search, see if SERP stars rating code is doing what it's designed to do, and check compression and page performance. 

This Website Tool is free with no catches, no signup, and currently no affiliate links... and free is pretty cheap, so discounts aren't available to Seniors, Military, or Students. 🙂

I feel your best starting point is to spend 15 minutes of your life looking at the video below. If that doesn't interest you at all, move on. 
Nothing to see here!!

32V8 WebTool Introduction Video. 

32V8 WebTool Introduction Supplementary Video. Covers Copy, Disney, and Domain Button.

The 32V8 WebTool takes you to a range of online testing tools based on a website URL. If you have a WordPress Website with a sitemap, then you can use this.

I use it to see how it looks like on the live site using my web browser. I'd also use it to go directly to the comments section on a page, to check and verify visitor comments and check my responses.

Using this system, I can also quickly check my posts on Google search to see if my SERP stars rating code was doing what it was designed to do by showing the structured data supporting google rich snippets.

How I've been working before this?

I have been developing WordPress web sites for many years. During this time, I have been continually testing posts and pages with various free online tools that are readily available.

When I wanted to test a page's loading speed, I would copy the URL of my post (or page) and run it through GTMetrix, for example.

To make life easier, I built a sub directory system on my PC hard drive, so that I could see and easily select a post. I could then send that post URL to the online tool I wanted to use by clicking on that link on my hard drive. 

Something similar can be done with Google Sheets, but I preferred to have it on my PC's hard drive.  

By creating this navigation system on my PC, it meant that I could find the URL all of my websites post and page's quickly, and then click through to send it to the online tool I needed. 

Google Search Page Image

Why did I develop this Tool?

I found that I was accessing this sub-directory list frequently to monitor and test the same pages and posts against various online tools, or check the same things such as SERP Stars and visitor comments. 

As I was doing this, I thought it would be easier if this could be an all-in-one operation, and I also thought it may be something other people could find useful too. 

Google Serp Results

What Sitemaps will 32V8 work with?

This 32V8 Development Tool will work on WordPress sites with a sitemap.xml file installed.
Currently the Sitemaps it will work on are:
  • WordPress
  • Yoast
  • All In One SEO Pack 
Sitemaps currently under investigation are:
  • Google XML
  • Jetpack


Don't worry if you're not sure if you have a sitemap.xml file. WordPress has a default built-in Sitemap. If you have no other installed, this should work straight out of the box.

32V8 has been designed to work with Yoast as well.

If you want to switch between Yoast and WordPress, you need to switch off XML sitemaps in your Yoast settings and WordPress will automatically kick in. You don't need to re-index your site with Google. In fact don't do this, unless you are making this a permanent change. You can simply switch Yoast Sitemap back on after you have done the testing.

You should be able to do the same thing with Jetpack, or any other Plugins that supports XML Sitemaps.

If you do decide to try switching Sitemap schemes, you may have to clear cache on your caching program(s) such as WP Rocket, or WP Fast Cache, your server, your browser, and any CDN systems you have in place. 

* This tool is yet to be tested on other non-WP sites.

Why are alternative sitemaps offered?

Alternatives are offered because many sitemap companies boast that they have better Google searchable Sitemaps than a standard vanilla flavored sitemap.

Which Browsers and Devices are 32V8 compatible with?

32V8 Web Tool works on Android and Chrome

All PC Browsers, Tablets and Phones seem to be working well with 32V8 WebTool.

Ready to get going? Here's a quick run down of how it works


Process Steps - Sitemap

Follow these steps to start the Sitemap process


Type your web site address into the box that says:
"Enter your selected Website Address here" 


Click on the Sitemap Button.

Don't click on Reset. This is like a Refresh function.

You should see a new web page with an sitemap.xml or similar file showing.

If you don't, no need to go any further, you don't have a Compatible Sitemap. Click here to find out more.

Process Steps - Pages and Posts

Please follow the next steps to complete the process.


Go back to the 32V8 tab and Click on the Posts or Pages Button. This will give you a list of posts or pages.


Click on any Post / Page in the list. 

A pop-up box will appear with several Action Buttons on it.

A Step by Step Guide on how to use this for Posts & Pages 

Once you have your list of either posts or pages, click on the URL in the list that you want to investigate. A pop up box appears with the Action Buttons. (A full explanation of each of these is further below).

32V8 Web Tool - Posts Pop Up Box Options

Clicking on the first Action Button option that is 01 Site, will take you to a new browser tab with the post selected displayed.

When you go back to the 32V8 tab, the pop up Action Button box will still be showing.

If you click on the Action Button that is marked 03 Google, this takes you to a new Google web page showing your post URL in the Google search box. All the search results will be showing.

32V8 Web Tool - Posts Pop Up Box Option - 03 Google

If you click on the Action Button that is marked 06 GTMetrix, your selected URL will be loaded and ready for you to hit the Test this Site button to get your GTMetrix results. 

32V8 Web Tool - Posts Pop Up Box Option - 06 GTMetrix

A Quick Guide to the 32V8 Command Buttons

This will gather up and display a list of all posts on your site in alphabetical order.

This will display a list of all the pages on your site in alphabetical order.

Domain (Advanced Info Only)
This will use only the base URL of the domain.
See Domain Action Commands

Opens a new page and displays your Sitemap. This will verify that your Sitemap file is accessible. Google loves Sitemaps, so this is important. 

Clears all of the current information and refreshes the 32V8 tool. This clears out all posts, pages, as well as the address URL.

The Copy button will appear on Posts and Pages only. Copies the full listing to your clipboard. This will allow you to copy your list into a Word-processor for editing, printing etc., or allow you to send the data XL or Google Spread Sheets for building your own tables.

A Quick Guide to the 32V8 Action Buttons

All actions open up in a new blank page in your browser, and all will auto-start with the exception of GTMetrix. To get GTMetrix going, you must click on Test Your Site.

01 Site
Opens web site post or page.

02 Site-Comment
As above, but cursor is positioned at comments on the post if they are available. If not present, then it simply opens the post.

03 Google
Opens your post in Google search box. This shows SERP Stars and how your entry appears.

04 Speed Insights
Runs Google Speed Insights Test.

05 Rich Results
Runs Google Rich Results Test.

06 GTMetrix
Runs GTMetrix (Must click On Test Your Site)

07 ShortPixel
Runs Image Tester. Mainly for Optimization.

08 Imagekit 
Runs Image Tester. This shows scalable images in detail and is great for re-sizing images.

09 Websiteaudit
Performance and SEO.

10 DuckDuckGo
A popular alternative Search Engine to Google.

11 Nitropack
CDN Speed Test.

12 Bing (Advance Info Only)
A popular alternative Search Engine to Google.

Have a look at the videos to quickly explore and explain the rest of the commands.

32V8 Web Tool 

Enter your web address below and then click the Sitemap tab

You need to put your full website address - for example:

Why stop at just your website?  

This tool can be used to get this same information about your website's direct competitors. 

Will 32V8 work on non-WordPress sites?

I have been developing WordPress web sites for so many years that I really have had tunnel vision at this point.

The penny just dropped.

Will 32V8 work on any web site that has a sitemap readable by 32V8?

More than likely. I need some users to give me a little feedback here.

32V8 Domain (Advanced Info Only)

Domain (Extra Button)
This command doesn't need a post or page as it acts only on your base URL. There are some very nice on-line tools around. You will be able to launch straight into them with 32V8, as you don't have to paste or type your URL into them.

This is the start of my potential Domain Action Commands.
I have not done a lot of research into this, however I will if readers give me enough encouragement.

Try these as an example:

Domain Commands
01 YouTube

02 Facebook
(Note. you must be logged into your Facebook account for this action.)

03 Console
Google Search Console.
(Note. you must be logged into your Google account for this action.)

04 Alexa

05 Hypestat

06 Builtwith

This I had working, but got locked out as I can only test one site a day until I sign up to a new account.

These on-line sites that 32V8 has sent us to. 
What do they do?

Hopefully most web developers will recognize many of these sites and they will be self explanatory. Perhaps many won't be. I will set up a new post just to cover these on-line testing tools in detail.

32V8 Future Commands?

This really depends on the acceptance of this Web-Tool.

I need a few users to give me some feedback, so I can judge if I want to throw more $$dollarsbucks at this project.

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