Free WordPress WebTool 32V8-Site-Report

Currently working on this free WP Plugin.

32V8-Site-Report will be provided as a free .zip file, that can be installed in your WordPress site by simply following these steps:
Plugins > Add Plugin > Upload Plugin > Browse >
And look for the file:
in the directory where you saved it on your hard drive.
Install Now> Activate.
That should be it.
Then we will work out an entry to the Plugin's Simple menu that will look like something like the details below:

Free WordPress WebTool

Copy to Clipboard button simply copies the below details to the clipboard so that you can save to a file to edit, and print if you wish.


Site Report for:
Date: dd-mmm-yyyy
WP version:  5.5.3
PHP version:  7.3.23
Database name: xxxxxx
Database size: xxxxxx

Active Plugins:
Akismet Anti-Spam, version: 4.1.7
BunnyCDN, version: 1.0.7
Code Snippets, version: 2.14.0
Duplicate Page, version: 4.3
kk Star Ratings, version: 4.1.4
Redirection, version: 4.9.2
Etc., etc.

Non-active Plugins:
WP External Links, version: 2.47
Etc, etc.

If you liked this Plugin, then you will love our 32V8-WebTool.

This free tool is provided by:
32V8 The Free WordPress Website Development Tool for Oldbies and Newbies.

32V8 Homepage:
32V8 WebTool:
32V8 SiteReport:

32V8 by Don McKenzie. Concept and Design Contact page
32V8 Development "Dan" User: dreidjo

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